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Regent Gas Business: Prices, Tariffs & Reviews

Regent Gas is one of the UK's oldest independent business gas suppliers and was founded back in 1995. Below we profile their tariffs, the company and customer reviews.

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A Guide to Regent Gas

Regent Gas is London-based and privately owned. they supply gas to all sorts of businesses including hotels, leisure centres, manufacturing plants, offices, shops, warehouses and more. They claim to serve thousands of single and multi-site businesses throughout the country.

They supply natural gas, connection and metering services to small, medium-sized and large corporate businesses, throughout England, Scotland & Wales. All accounts get a dedicated account manager. Unlike many other suppliers, they clearly list their out-of-contract rates on their website.

As one of the oldest independent suppliers, they have built up good working relationships with many business energy brokers, which seems to be how they acquire many of their customers.


Regent Gas FAQs

  • Where Is the Regent Gas Head Office?

    The Regent Gas head office is in London:

    Regent House,
    Kendal Avenue,
    W3 0XA

  • How Can I Contact Regent Gas?

    When you switch through British Business Energy, we can handle all the contacts with your new supplier, so you can focus on running your business. However, should you ever need them, please find the details below.

    Tel: 0845 241 2700

    Fax: 0845 241 2701

    There is also a contact form available on their website.

  • What Is Regent Gas's Fuel Mix?

    Fuel mix depends on a specific supplier.

    Coal – 0% (8.5% UK average)
    Natural gas – 100% (44.1%)
    Nuclear – 0% (21.0%)
    Renewable – 0% (24.2%)
    Other – 0% (2.2%)

  • How Are Regent Gas Prices Regulated?

    Regent Gas’s prices are regulated by Ofgem, a non-ministerial government department and an independent national regulatory authority.

Regent Gas Business Tariffs

They currently offer 4 tariffs:

Regent Gas Contract 1: Fixed Price

  • A stable unit rate for the base cost of your gas
  • Single standing charge on each gas meter for gas transportation and metering costs

Regent Gas Contract 2: Fixed Price with mid-term review

  • Benefit more quickly from any falls in the wholesale gas price.
  • Stable unit rate for the base cost of your gas + Single standing charge on each gas meter
  • Contract reviewed mid-way through the term length

Regent Gas Contract 3: Fixed term with deferred gas purchase

  • The cost of gas is left open
  • Gas purchased on an ongoing basis

Regent Gas Contact 4: Tailored

  • For larger multi-site business gas users, defined as those consuming more than 5,000,000 kWh per annum.
  • Payment terms linked to customer credit score
  • Variable gas unit rate
  • Flexible standing charges
  • Shorter term contracts

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