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Comparing business gas prices has never been easier. You could save money and secure your better business gas rates in under just 30 seconds. 

We compare business gas prices from a panel of trusted business gas suppliers. Our expert knowledge teamed up with our innovative comparison engine makes a perfect combination to help busy companies take care of their business gas switch completely online, any time of the day or night. We're only a phone call away if you need any further assistance. 

We specialise in finding great business gas deals to help you take control of your bills.

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How To Get Cheaper Business Gas Prices?

We recently saw business gas prices begin to stabilise in 2023 in comparison to the previous year. Every company should be reviewing its business gas tariff and it is now a great time to compare business gas rates and search for a fixed-rate deal that meets the requirements of your business.

We Have Completed Over 350,000 Business Gas Switches All Over The UK

We’ve developed strong relationships with some of the leading business gas suppliers in the UK. This allows us to offer you a wide variety of great deals which can keep your business gas prices under control. With our comparison engine, you can find the latest deals without the hassle.

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For many businesses, trawling the market and searching for the best business gas quote is a hassle you could do without. We aim to make the process of comparing a wide range of business gas quotes simple.

Once you’ve selected your chosen business gas tariff, we’ll take care of the rest. Our expert team will handle the entire process to ensure your business gas switch is smooth and hassle-free.

What Business Gas Tariffs Are Available in 2024?

There are several types of business gas tariffs available, but most businesses will either select a variable rate or a fixed rate tariff.

The type of business gas tariff you choose will depend on your needs. A fixed-rate tariff will likely be the best option if you prefer certainty and consistent business gas prices.

If your business is particularly environmentally conscious, a green gas tariff or carbon offset tariff could be a great option.

When you switch with us, you can receive advice on the right tariff type for your gas needs. Here, you can find some of the most popular tariffs offered by providers.

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Fixed-Rate Gas Tariffs

This is the most common tariff offered by providers. It allows businesses to lock in cheap business gas prices. It does not offer much flexibility and you are usually tied into a contract for 1-4 years.

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Variable Rate Gas Tariffs

The price of the gas supplied to your business premises can move up and down in line with market rates. Selecting a variable rate tariff offers flexibility and could save money on your business gas prices. However, this is not a guarantee and some prefer the certainty of knowing the unit rate they will pay every month. 

To see the latest business gas prices, you should compare regularly to see if fixing is the right option for you.

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Green & Renewable Gas Tariff

Many businesses prioritise reducing the impact on the climate alongside finding the best business gas deal. Switching to a green business gas tariff is a huge step forward.

In the UK, green tariffs are offered by nearly every provider. Whilst doing your part for the planet, the benefits of supporting green business gas include increased corporate social responsibility messaging and can often present better business gas deals.

Business Gas Prices per Kwh in 2024

We saw business gas prices start to stabilise in 2023, and it has now become a great time to consider reviewing your tariff. 

The prices you will see today when comparing are impacted by the size and location of your business premises; including the amount of gas supply you consume.

Larger businesses with higher gas usage can often access cheaper unit rates than smaller businesses.

Many business owners are attracted to the stability of a fixed-rate tariff and knowing what unit rates they will be paying for the coming years. Here, we’ve broken down the average business gas tariff by size, based on 2-year fixed-rate contracts.

Business Size
(Annual Usage)
Business Gas Unit Price/kWh Standing Charge Annual Business Gas Cost (£)
(up to 5,000kWh)
8.6p 37.2p £351.03
7.6p 48.2p £931.05
7.4p 48.3p £1,660.90
7.4p 62.9p £2,993.17
Very Large
6.5p 164.4p £5,457.85

Data correct as of April 2024. Annual cost based on a 2-year contract and the maximum kWh usage within each business size banding. These prices reflect a live business gas market and are subject to fluctuation.

Business Gas Suppliers 

Business gas prices change daily. The best way to view live business gas supplier prices is to compare them here

Here, we’ve provided a breakdown of the current business gas prices based on 2-year fixed-rate deals based on SME usage of 25,000 kWh per year for a selection of business gas suppliers:

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Business Gas Suppliers Business Unit Price/kWh Standing Charge Business Gas Annual Cost (£)
7.1p 46.1p £1,953
scottish power logo 7.1p 35.1p £1,898
EDF logo. 6.7p 45p £1,839
Smartest Energy logo. 6.9p 144.6p £2,264
valda logo 7.3p 41.2p £1,970

Data correct as of April 2024. Full-year prices are based on a two-year business contract commencing on April 1st with a 25,000kW annual usage. Prices reflect a live business gas market and are subject to fluctuation.

Should I Accept My Business Gas Renewal or Switch?

Many businesses pay a premium on their business gas prices when they accept the renewal from their provider. Comparing the latest business gas prices is the best way to know what deals are available on the market when your renewal comes through. 

Many businesses are not aware that you can lock in new business gas prices up to 12 months before the end of the contract end date to secure better rates if they are expected to increase further in future months. 

Our experts can negotiate on your behalf to secure better business gas rates. This can often mean that you stay with your current provider but at more favourable rates.

Whether you decide to switch or stay with your current provider, we will always put your needs first to secure you the best business gas rates available from our trusted panel.

What Should I Consider When Requesting A Business Gas Quote?

When looking for a business gas quote, consider some key factors to make the right choice. 

  1. What Contract Lengths Are Best? - First, check the contract length options. Long contracts usually mean lower prices, but you are stuck with one supplier longer. Think about your business needs and pick a contract length that fits.
  2. What Do Other Customers Think? - Make sure the gas supplier has good reviews. You want one that reliably delivers gas to businesses. Good customer service matters. Go for a supplier with excellent customer service to quickly handle any issues.
  3. How Much Will You Be Paying? - Look at current gas rates. Compare unit rates and standing charges. Some suppliers have a lower unit rate but a higher standing charge, and vice versa. You should check the estimated annual cost to find the cheapest option for your business.
  4. How Will You Pay Your Business Gas Bill? - Think about payment terms. Some suppliers need upfront payment, while others offer monthly billing. Choose terms that work for your business’s cash flow. If your business aims to be eco-friendly, check if suppliers have renewable gas options like biogas to reduce your carbon footprint.

Getting the best business gas quotes can be complex, but considering these factors will help you make informed decisions. You can also get guidance from our British Business Energy team to find the best tariff for your company’s business gas needs.

Bespoke Commercial Gas Suppliers for Large Businesses

If you're a large business looking to secure your next commercial gas deal, we can help you find a bespoke tariff that meets your requirements. We have an expert team dedicated to securing great commercial gas rates for larger consumption businesses and can advise on the suppliers that can meet all your requirements.

Many suppliers offer bespoke deals for large usage business, with some exclusively offering commercial gas contracts.

At British Business Energy, it’s our aim to make the process of comparing commercial gas quotes as simple as possible. You can get started online with our innovative comparison engine. Our team will then be on hand to support you in finding the right commercial gas deal for your business.

Commercial Gas Suppliers Supplier Description
British Gas logo. The largest business gas supplier in the UK, British Gas offer a range of commercial gas services including meter installations and carbon-neutral gas.
crown gas logo Crown Gas & Power is a specialist commercial gas supplier offering products for larger businesses and multi-site premises.
EDF logo. EDF offers a range of commercial gas services including assisting businesses in meeting sustainability targets and reducing costs.
Npower Business Solutions logo. Npower Business Solutions, powered by E.ON specialises in supporting large and corporate businesses including complex energy compliance.
totalenergies logo Total Energies supply more than 200,000 sites and have become one of the largest commercial gas suppliers to large business and the public sector
Shell Energy logo. Shell Energy provide commercial gas solutions including managing costs and assisting businesses in planning decarbonisation
sse logo SSE is one of the largest commercial gas suppliers aiming to help large businesses achieve net zero and increase sustainability

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Dedicated Small Business Gas Suppliers

Many business gas suppliers offer tariffs specifically aimed at small businesses. This could be through tailored fixed rate deals or online-only tariffs aiming to reduce costs.

At British Business Energy, we’ve made it as simple as possible for small businesses to compare business gas suppliers. You can view the latest business gas rates in as little as 30 seconds with our online comparison engine. Once you’ve selected your chosen tariff, you can complete your entire switch online.

Here, you can find a selection of suppliers offering tailored small business gas tariffs.

Small Business Gas Suppliers Supplier Description
british gas lite logo British Gas Lite offers easy to manage online-only tariffs aiming to keep costs low for small businesses.
EDF logo. One of the largest gas suppliers in the UK, EDF offers tariffs small businesses with support on saving money and energy.
Scottish Power logo Scottish Power offer a range of services for small businesses including smart metering and advice on going green.
Smartest Energy supplier logo Smartest Energy offer small businesses a range of tariff options including fixed payment and smart pay options.
valda logo Valda specialise in supplying small businesses offering 24/7 account management and smart metering to customers.

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Average Business Gas Prices by Region

Updated April 2024. Based on 25,000 kWh of annual business gas consumption on a 2-year fixed rate deal. 


UK Region Business Gas Unit Price (p/kWh) Daily Standing Charge (p/kWh) Annual Business Gas Cost (£)
London 7.3p 65.9p £2,076
North East England 7.4p 67.4p £2,093
North West England 7.3p 64p £2,054
East Midlands 7.3p 67.1p £2,082
West Midlands 7.2p 60.7p £2,027
Yorkshire 6.9p 40.1p £1,876
East England 7.2p 61.4p £2,022
South East England 7.5p 73.4p £2,137
South West England 7.6p 62.3p £2,067
Southern England 7.3p 62.4p £2,042
Scotland 7.3p 62.4p £2,042
North Wales, Merseyside and Cheshire 7.3p 64.8p £2,073
South Wales 7.4p 65.9p £2,076


Ready to Compare the Latest Business Gas Prices? 

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Business Gas FAQs

  • When Is The Best Time to Switch Business Gas Rates?

    You should make note of your renewal window. This is usually up to 12 months before the end of your contract. This means you can lock in the best business gas prices earlier, but you should not switch before your contract date.

    If your business is moving locations, you may be able to change business gas providers without any early exit penalties as contracts are typically attached to the premises.

  • How Long Does It Take to Switch Business Gas?

    Once you’ve selected the tariff you’d like to switch to, thanks to OFGEM's Faster Switching guarantee it should take five days to complete your switch.

    By switching, the entire switch will be managed on your behalf. Our experts will keep you up to date with the progress of your switch and answer any questions you may have.

  • Do I Have to Pay a Standing Charge?

    This depends on the type of business gas tariff you select. You can choose a business energy tariff without a standing charge.

    However, this is not always the cheapest option due to higher unit prices. Energy suppliers set it up this way to offset any losses from not charging a standing charge.

  • How Much VAT Will I Pay on My Business Gas?

    VAT is charged at a standard rate of 20% on gas and electricity. If you operate a charity or not-for-profit organisation, you could be eligible for a VAT reduction of 5%.

    In many cases, your gas supplier will not automatically add this reduction so it’s important you contact your supplier to make sure you are receiving the full deduction you’re entitled to.

  • What If I Have Multiple Buildings?

    If your business operates across multiple locations, some suppliers may offer you a discount on your energy use. You may be eligible for a multi-site meter.

  • If My Business Is Home-Based, Can I Get A Business Gas Contract?

    There are some instances where you can opt for a business gas tariff if you operate commercially from your home. However, there are a few things that need to be taken into consideration. 

    • At least 50% of the overall consumption needs to be business use but each supplier has their own benchmark. You may need to prove this by taking a meter reading at the start of the working day and then again at the end. 
    • You will need to have documentation of a registered business at the address. 
    • You will need to declare your meter as a business but you shouldn’t need to install a new one. 
    • Whilst business gas contracts are typically cheaper than domestic, you will be paying a higher level of VAT (20% increased from 5%) and CCL (Climate Change Levy).
  • Is It Possible To Get Business Gas From Green Sources?

    Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) comes from decomposing organic matter and purifying it for use. Currently, landfill sites are the largest source of RNG production. 

    The waste goes through a process of anaerobic digestion by placing the waste in a temperature-controlled tank with no oxygen where it can be broken down to capture biomethane. This will then go through purification to produce RNG. 

    Some suppliers offer gas tariffs that include RNG sources. 

  • What Affects Business Gas Prices?

    Business gas prices fluctuate daily and are impacted by multiple factors including wholesale prices, regional location, size of the premises, consumption levers, sector, tariff and meter types. 

  • Who Supplies My Business Gas?

    To find out who your current business gas supplier is, you need to check your most recent gas bill. It should include the name of your supplier and the contract/ tariff you are on. You could be on a dual fuel contract, meaning you get your gas and electricity from the same supplier. 

    Once you know who is responsible for supplying the gas in your home or business, it will make it easier to reassess your contract details and update any information with them.

    Alternatively, by using the Meter Point Administration’s (MPA) online search tool, you can find out who is supplying the gas for your area by simply entering your postcode.

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