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Utility Warehouse Business Electricity & Gas: Tariffs & Reviews

The Utility Warehouse Discount Club for Business offers electricity and gas tariffs for businesses in the UK, along with also offering broadband, phone, and mobile plans. Below we profile their energy tariffs along with a company profile and customer reviews.

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A Guide To Utility Warehouse

Utility Warehouse Discount Club for Business is operated by Utility Warehouse Limited, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Telecom Plus PLC. They currently offer business services to around 30,000 UK SMEs, although this covers their full range of products. Overall, they have around a 2% share of the UK's energy supply market, which makes them one of the 10 biggest energy suppliers in the UK.

Utility Warehouse is unique insofar as they don't spend money on advertising and instead rely on referrals from friends, family and business contacts. In fact, they state that: "To join the Utility Warehouse Discount Club for Business you must be introduced by one of our Authorised Distributors. You will be unable to submit your application without their prior authorisation."The cost of joining the club is just £2 per month, which is included with your one single bill for all services offered. Finally, if you do join you and your business may both be eligible for a CashBack card which gives you up to 7% CashBack on what you spend.

Utility Warehouse Tariffs

Utility Warehouse Business Electricity Tariffs

  • Available to businesses that have an electricity meter with a profile class of 01, 02, 03 or 04 (no half-hourly meters)
  • No minimum contract length, can switch at any time without penalty.
  • Easy to switch
  • Up to £200 to help you switch
  • 10% extra discount after 12 months with Gold Status

Utility Warehouse Business Gas Tariffs

  • Can supply businesses with an annual consumption profile of up to 292,780kWh (equivalent to around £10,000 of gas each year).
  • No minimum contract length with no penalty switching
  • Get up to £200 towards termination fees by your existing supplier.
  • 10% extra discount after 12 months with Gold Status.

Utility Warehouse Business Gas & Electricity Tariffs

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Utility Warehouse Business Reviews

Positive Utility Warehouse came a respectable joint-fourth out of 23 energy companies rated by 8,917 members of the public in 2016 Which? customer survey "Cheaper bills and fantastic customer service - I wish I'd switched years ago!" - Richard's customer testimonial "Excellent value for money. The service and prices charged by Utility Warehouse are highly competitive and offer very good value for money." - Mrs R Binnall via Trustpilot 

Negative "Told I would save three hundred pounds by swapping gas and electricity. Signed up but when the paperwork arrived found a charge much higher on electricity per unit and a small increase on gas per unit compared with my present supplier." - Courtney via Trustpilot 

British Business Energy Website Score:

  1. Clear contact information (including phone number) on the website? Yes, although not on the homepage.
  2. Case studies and/or reviews on the website? Yes, on blog although a little out-of-date.
  3. Straightforward to get quotes? Yes
  4. Does the website contain useful information about business energy? Limited, only contains basic information about their services, but does include pricing information.
  5. Online account management? Unclear, can submit meter readings online, but unclear if you can manage energy usage online.

Based on the above Utility Warehouse gets a website score of 4/5- Posted on January 8th, 2018

Website: Utility Warehouse


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