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EDF Business Energy: Prices,  Tariffs & Reviews

EDF (Electricite de France) is one of the largest energy suppliers in the UK – previously known as the ‘Big Six’. They are one of the largest producers of ‘Low Carbon Energy’, as well as the largest supplier of electricity by volume in Great Britain.

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A Guide to EDF Business Energy

EDF is one of the largest energy suppliers in the UK. As a part of the larger corporation Electricite de France, EDF Energy handles more than 5.7 million customers and employs more than 13,000 staff. They offer smart meters to smaller businesses and present advice on their website to help lower the costs of energy bills and much more.

They supply zero-carbon electricity to SMEs, large businesses, and commercial. Being Britain's biggest generator of zero-carbon electricity, they also supply this to all their fixed home energy customers. Their aim is to help cut UK carbon emissions by generating energy from wind, nuclear, and solar, achieving net zero in the future.

EDF has taken on the customers of several other energy suppliers after they ceased trading. This includes Green Network Energy, iSupplyEnergy & Solarplicity.

Features Service Offered
Online Billing Yes
Direct Debit Yes
Smart Meters Yes
Mobile App Yes
Flexible Payment Options Monthly

EDF Reviews 

EDF Energy has an overall rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot, based on around 63,000 reviews. 72% of those are 5-star reviews, whilst the other four ratings are split between 2% and 16% - averaging as a great experience. With a rating of 'Great', this is a respectable rating for one of the largest UK energy suppliers.

In terms of business energy, we're unsure of the weighting of reviews from domestic and business customers. However, this score is a good indicator of the customer service you can expect from EDF, regardless of the service. 

What Do They Offer Business Energy Customers?

  • Custom tariffs
  • Energy efficiency plans
  • Control your costs
  • 100% renewable energy as a standard
  • Online account management
  • Set energy goals
  • They work with us to provide exclusive deals to our customers

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How Much Is EDF Business Energy In 2024? 

EDF offers a range of tariffs for businesses, from fixed rates to variables, as well as prepayment tariffs. Here's a range of tariffs on offer from July 2024 for SME businesses using around 25,000 kWh per year in gas and electricity in Region 12. 

Please note prices may be different when you compare live rates as they will be bespoke to your area and deals change daily. 

EDF Business Electricity Tariffs 

  Unit Price (p/kWh) Standing Charge
EDF Online Fixed For Business Electricity 1-year Term 26.4p 50p
EDF Online Fixed For Business Electricity 2-year Term 26.9p 50p
EDF Online Fixed For Business Electricity 3-year Term 27.5p 50p

EDF Business Gas Tariffs 

  Unit Price (p/kWh) Standing Charge
EDF Online Fixed For Business Gas 1-year Term 7.5p 45p
EDF Online Fixed For Business Gas 2-year Term 7.6p 45p
EDF Online Fixed For Business Gas 3-year Term 7.6p 45p

EDF Business Energy FAQs


  • Energy Meters

    EDF support a range of meters for business use. This includes standard and smart meters. It also includes multi-rate and multi-site meters for larger businesses.

  • How To Switch To EDF?

    Switching to EDF for your business is easy with British Business Energy. Tell us what your business needs from its energy. Then, we take care of getting you the best deal.

    At British Business Energy, we handle all the difficult parts, so you can focus on running your business.

  • Who Owns EDF Energy?

    EDF Energy is a subsidiary of the French state-owned energy supplier Electricite de France. EDF Energy was formed after the acquisition and mergers of SEEBOARD (South Eastern Electricity Board), London Electricity and SWEB Energy (South Western Electricity Board).

    The CEO of EDF Energy is the Italian Businessman Simone Rossi.

  • Where Is The EDF Head Office?

    There are a number of ways that you can contact EDF.

    For Businesses, the best number to call is 0333 200 5103, though there are many other numbers for specific departments.

    You can write to EDF at Freepost: EDF Energy – Plymouth.

    You can also contact EDF via the live chat function on their website.

    When you switch with British Business Energy, we handle all the communication you might need to do. That way, we deal with any stressful parts, and you can focus on running your business.

  • What Is EDF's Fuel Mix?

    EDF doesn’t offer any specific green tariffs for their business energy. However, they are one of the largest producers of low-carbon energy in the UK. This means that their energy is often greener than their competitors.

    EDF’s fuel breakdown is as follows:

    • Coal – 3.5%
    • Gas – 9.3%
    • Nuclear – 66.6%
    • Renewables – 20.5%
    • Other fuels – 0.1%
  • What Is EDF's Cancellation Policy?

    EDF’s cancellation policies depend on which type of policy you have.

    If you have a fixed tariff, you may have to pay a fee if you leave your contract early. However, if you have a Freedom for Business (variable) tariff, you can leave your contract at any time without paying an exit fee.

    Changing suppliers is not difficult with EDF. You don’t need to supply a final meter reading – your new supplier can do this for you. What you need to do is inform EDF of your intention to leave and track the progress of your switch.

    If you switch with British Business Energy, you don’t need to do any of this – as we do it for you.

  • Why Have I Been Moved From Opus To EDF Energy?

    Following Opus Energy's statement in January 2023, they will no longer be trading within the gas market, and so all existing gas customers will be transferred to EDF Energy.

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