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Energy: Reviews, Prices & Tariffs

Energia is one of the island of Ireland's leading energy suppliers and provides 22% of Northern Ireland's businesses with electricity. Learn more about their tariffs below along with company reviews. (Note: Energia and Power NI are owned by the same parent company).

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A Guide to Energia

Energia is owned by the Viridian Group who also own Power NI, the leader in the North Irish domestic energy market. The company is a leader in supplying renewable, wind energy to Irish businesses with a 25% share of Ireland's wind generating capacity.

To help businesses they also offer energy auditing services and online account management. This can help you both to monitor your business's energy usage and manage how you pay for it all. Overall, the company seems to have many happy business customers and are worth a look when getting quotes and/or when thinking of switching energy suppliers

Energia Prices & Tariffs

  • Focus on proving best prices.
  • Businesses energy supplier of choice for over 1/5th of Northern Ireland's businesses.
  • Can supply businesses from 1-person start-ups to large multinationals with multiple sites.
  • Offers fully renewable business electricity plans.
  • Power Purchase Agreements for businesses wishing to sell their renewable energy.
  • Energy Efficiency advice and help for businesses to reduce their energy needs.
  • Can supply up to 20% of the entire island of Ireland's electricity needs.

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