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Multi Site Meters


Many businesses operate on multiple sites and locations. Traditionally, this would mean that they needed to have an energy account and a business energy meter for each of their locations. They would also need to have multiple renewal dates with different suppliers, rather than one renewal date.

Businesses that operate on several sites would usually need to collate their energy bills in order to find out how much they are paying overall.

A multi site energy meter measures all the sites at the same time. It then combines those potentially time consuming readings for business gas and business electricity into one. This means that you can have one account and one bill for all of your locations.

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What Types of Businesses Should Have a Multi Site Meter?

There are multiple reasons that a business might need a multi site meter. A multi site energy contract is suitable for:

  • Businesses that use a lot of energy. You may already be on a half hourly meter, for example.
  • Businesses that operate across multiple sites
  • Businesses with multiple energy contracts (ending at different times)

Types of Business Energy Tariffs

There are a range of rates that you could be on with a multi-site meter. These can seem complicated, but don’t need to be. You might have a:

  • Variable Rate Contract – your energy prices vary through the year. Your prices might be cheaper to start with, but could rise with world events
  • Fixed Term Contract – your energy costs are locked for a certain period of time. You won’t save money if global prices fall though
  • 28 Day Contract – your energy costs are set for 28 days at a time. They could go up or down at the beginning of each month

Benefits of a Multi Site Meter

Multi-Site meters can have significant advantages for many businesses. Fundamentally, these meters are about saving money. However, they can also save you time and effort.

The more meters you have, the more contracts you will have. The more contracts you have, the more admin you need to do. A multi-site meter combines your contracts and your admin into one.

If you are a business of one of the types listed above, you could benefit from:

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Control Over Multiple Sites

If you have any number of sites, you need control over how much you are spending. A multi-site energy meter allows you to see how much you are spending overall. You don’t need to combine bills this way, as you have one renewal date.

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Control Over Large Sites

Some companies run large premises. These large buildings may use so much energy that they need multiple meters. Combine these bills into one that is easier to understand.

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Control Over Your Costs

With a multi-site meter, you have greater purchasing power. You may be able to use this to get larger discounts on your energy bills.

How to Get a Multi Site Meter

Switching to a multi site energy meter is not an immediate process. You will need a new meter installation. This has to be done through your business energy supplier.

Contact your energy supplier, and discuss your multi site and multi rate energy requirements with them. They may offer you the chance to switch to a multi-site meter.

However, if you have multiple accounts and contracts with different suppliers, this can become difficult. Dealing with multiple business energy providers at once can be time consuming.

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Avoid Lapsed Contracts

Having multiple contracts may not seem a big deal. However, allowing any of your contracts to lapse could see you put onto ‘deemed rates’. These are usually inflated prices, and can cost significantly more than contract rates.

Many businesses with more than one site have energy from several suppliers. This makes lapsing a contract more likely.

Having all your energy on one renewal date and with one supplier, thanks to multi site meters, can help prevent this.

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That is where British Business Energy comes in. We specialise in helping all sorts of businesses to switch their energy supplier.

We can help arrange for you to combine your contracts and meters into a single multi-site meter contract. We find you the best prices and offers available from the full range of suppliers, so that you can save money.

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Multi-Site Meter FAQs

  • Which Business Energy Suppliers Offer Multi-Site Meters?

    Most business energy suppliers offer multi-site meters. They don’t always advertise, however. Get in touch with your supplier to check.

  • Which Utilities Can I Get Multi-Site Business Energy Meters For?

    You can upgrade and combine your gas and electricity energy meters into one in this way. Whether you need both utilities under one meter depends on your energy usage.

  • How Do I Combine Multi-Site Energy Contracts?

    The best way to combine a multi site energy contract is to contact British Business Energy. We can help you work through the process.

  • How Large Does My Business Have to Be?

    Regardless of whether you’re looking for small business electricity prices or not, the important thing is not the size of your business when it comes to a multi-site meter. What is important is that you are a multi site business. You won’t need to save money in this way otherwise.

  • Which Contract Is Right for Me?

    Different energy contracts are right for different businesses. It depends on your business’ energy usage. It can also depend on how different businesses manage their energy. Contact British Business Energy, and talk to us about how to save on your energy deals.

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