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F & S Energy Business Electricity Prices, Tariffs & Reviews

F & S Energy was founded in Essex in 2011. They want to increase competition by taking a fresh and dynamic approach to the electricity industry. They purchase energy from small generators across the UK and then sell that power on to business customers. Thus they are able to offer competitive deals ongreen energy tariffs.

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A Guide to F & S Energy

Since 2011, F&S Energy both buys electricity from and supplies electricity to businesses across the UK. For a relatively young company, compared to its competitors, its vision is to increase competition in the renewable energy sector by taking a newer approach to the industry.

F&S Energy’s power is generated through Wind, Solar PV, Anaerobic Digestion (AD), and Hydro. They are based in Chelmsford, Essex, and their pricing is regulated through Ofgem.

For businesses looking to be supplied with electricity, they strongly encourage you to enter into a contract as their deemed rates are quite high. For businesses and individuals wishing to sell their electricity, F & S Energy can help with Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin (REGOs), Feed-in Tariffs (FIT), DA/DC (Data Aggregator/Data Collector) charges and reactive power charges.

They pay on a monthly basis. Finally, F & S Energy can help you get up and running with a new connection including a proactive approach to meter registration and installation and help with the P272 switch over to Half Hourly Meters.

F & S Energy Reviews

F&S Energy has an overall rating of 3.2 out of 5 stars on Google Reviews, based on 6 reviews. Unfortunately, they did not have a Trustpilot review on writing this (February 2024) so this score isn’t verified and the most recent reviews are from a year ago. Positives for F&S are that they deal exclusively with renewable energy and have easy-to-find PPA information. Negatives, They have a limited range of services and there is no breakdown of business tariffs available.

F & S Energy FAQs

  • Where Is the F & S Energy Head Office?

    F & S Energy is based in Chelmsford, Essex. Their business address is:

    87-91 Springfield Road
    CM2 6JL

  • How Can I Contact F & S Energy?

    When you switch through British Business Energy, we can handle all the contacts with your new supplier, so you can focus on running your business. However, should you ever need them, please find the details below.

    Phone: 01245 690151

    Email: [email protected]

    They also have a dedicated contact form available on their website.

  • How Are F & S Energy Prices Regulated?

    F&S Energy’s prices are regulated by Ofgem, a non-ministerial government department and an independent national regulatory authority.

  • What Are F & S Energy's Default Purchase Rates For Power?

    The price paid on a deemed contract where F & S Energy are purchasing electricity will be bought at the Default Purchase Rate. The Default Purchase Rate will be as follows:

    • Unit rate 3p/kWh

    Additionally, an increase of 8% will be applied to the following costs which will be deducted from the Default Purchase Rate:

    • Meter charges
    • Distribution Use of System Costs
    • Any other 3rd party transmission and distribution costs

F & S Business Energy Tariffs

Business Electricity Tariffs

  • Offer market-leading rates for your power supply
  • Can also supply Green power at great rates
  • Friendly and personal service
  • A dedicated account manager who is your sole point of contact

Their electricity deemed rates and out-of-contract rates are:

  • 1000 p/day standing charge in addition to the transmission network use of system charges, distribution use of system charges and metering charges to be passed through
  • Unit rate 45 p/kWh
  • Availability/Capacity charge 6 p/kVA/day or the contract rate + 5p/KVA/day where the capacity rate exceeds 6p/KVA/day

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