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Equans (Engie) Business Energy: Prices, Tariffs & Reviews

Equans (Formerly Engie) is a major energy company in the UK, involved in electricity generation and distribution, natural gas and renewable energy. Below you'll find information about their business contracts and tariffs, rates and prices and read reviews from real customers:

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A Guide to Equans

Engie recently renamed to Equans in 2022, supplies energy to the UK and Ireland. Engie Group has been active in the UK energy market for over 20 years. 

Equans employs a workforce of 74,000 individuals who harness 200 years of collective expertise. With a robust revenue stream of €12 billion, Equans extends its footprint across 17 countries, primarily spanning Europe, while also holding substantial interests in North America, Latin America, and Australia.

Within the UK & Ireland, Equans takes the lead in delivering technical, FM, regeneration, and energy services. It showcases specialised proficiencies in areas such as smart buildings, eco-friendly mobility, district and embedded energy solutions, as well as decentralised renewables.

Uniting the efforts of its 13,500 employees in the UK & Ireland, Equans drives a collaborative approach aimed at assisting businesses, public sector entities, and governments in navigating the journey towards net-zero energy. Additionally, the company embraces the ongoing digital and industrial transformations that are reshaping the landscapes of movement, work, and living.

They say they have a real focus on green and renewable electricity options, along with being a major supplier of natural gas. In the UK, they focus exclusively on supplying businesses with energy and currently have approximately 14,000 customers in the public and private sectors. They are investing in both flexible and responsive low-carbon assets, including energy storage, wind, and solar.

Equans Reviews

Equans has an overall rating of 1.7 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot, based on around 33 reviews. 94% of those are 1-star reviews, whilst the other four ratings are split between 0% and 6% - averaging as a bad experience.

Equans FAQs

  • Who Owns Equans?

    In 2022, Bouygues acquired 100% of the shares of Equans for a final price of €6.1bn ($5.9bn). They are still a part of the Engie Group.

  • Where Is The Equans Head Office?

    Equans registered office address is Equans, Neon, Q10 Quorum Business Park, Benton Lane, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE12 8BU

  • How Can I Contact Equans?

    When you switch through British Business Energy, we can handle all the contacts with your new supplier, so you can focus on running your business. However, should you ever need them, please find the details below.

    For enquiries regarding Net Zero Carbon Services, Regeneration, Supplier Enquiries, EV Solutions, Heating and Hot Water Supply, Press, Careers / HR, Facilities Management, and any other queries they have a dedicated contact form on their website.

    To contact the Community Energy Team:

    Telephone: 0800 999 5080

    Email: [email protected]

    Post: EQUANS Community Energy, Kings Yard, 5 Clarnico Lane, London, E15 2HG


    EQUANS Community Energy

    The King’s Yard Visitors Centre

    1 Waterden Road Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

    London E15 2GP

  • How Are Equans Prices Regulated?

    Equans prices are regulated by Ofgem, a non-ministerial government department and an independent national regulatory authority.

Equans Tariffs

Equans Business Electricity & Gas Fixed Tariffs

Equans Business Electricity & Gas Flexible Tariffs

  • For large business customers.
  • Pay market-reflective prices for your energy.
  • Amend your forecast at any time.
  • Benefit from falling market prices with a sell-back option.
  • Spread your purchasing across the contract period to access lower prices.

Equans Renewable Electricity Tariffs

  • No-carbon energy is generated from 100% renewable sources (wind/hydro)
  • Fully certified by UK Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGOs) or EU Guarantees of Origin (GoOs).
  • In line with the fuel mix disclosure regulations.

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