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Ecotricity Business Energy: Prices, Tariffs & Reviews

Ecotricity is one of the UK’s leading green energy suppliers for home and business customers.

Ecotricity has green energy tariffs for small & medium businesses (SMEs) and bespoke tariffs for larger enterprises. Below you will find details for each business type, as well as their electricity & gas prices, rates, contracts, and tariffs:

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A Guide to Ecotricity

Ecotricity claims to be the world’s first Green Electricity company since founded in 1995. They generate around 35% - 40% of their power through their windmills and buy the rest from other renewable energy suppliers. They currently supply 25,000 businesses and in 2021, they helped their customers collectively save 243,559 tonnes of CO2.

In 2010, they pioneered green gas to improve their eco-credentials. Customer bills go to building new green electricity and gas sources, called Bills into Mills. And with no shareholders, they can invest more each year per customer on new sources of Green Energy than any other energy company in Britain.

Beyond the tariffs listed below, they can help your business set up new connections (done in around one month) and help you set up on-site wind energy. They will build, own, operate and maintain the turbines on your site, making it even easier to go green. Ecotricity is also in the innovative production of biomethane, which makes sustainable gas out of grass cuttings on an industrial scale, intending to be the UK's first green gas mills exclusively.

The company aims to end fossil fuels and combat climate change by offering its customers a greener alternative. They are forecasting to be carbon neutral by 2025 and also ensure that all their activities are as sustainable as possible by enforcing an environmental policy which is regularly updated, alongside constant environmental footprint monitoring.

Ecotricity Reviews

Ecotricity has an overall rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot, based on around 5,000 reviews. 62% of those are 5-star reviews, whilst the other four ratings are split between 3% and 25% - averaging as a great experience.

Most comments from customer state how easy it was for them to switch over to Ecotricity and how they are helping to contribute to a bigger cause. However, some customers find the communication sometimes disjointed in what they perceive versus what it states in the final terms and slow to get through to customer services in some instances.

Ecotricity FAQs

  • Who Owns Ecotricity?

    Ecotricity was founded in 1995 by Dale Vince however, he chose to sell Ecotricity in 2022 to focus on other endeavours like his work in football as Chairman of Forest Green Rovers, Climate Champion for Sport with the UN and as a sustainability advisor to UEFA.

  • Where Is The Ecotricity Head Office?

    Ecotricity Head Office is in Rowcroft, Stroud GL5 3BY

  • How Can I Contact Ecotricity?

    When you switch through British Business Energy, we can handle all the contacts with your new supplier, so you can focus on running your business. However, should you ever need them, please find the detail below.

    Customer Champion Team Phone: 01453 761482 (Monday - Friday, 9 am to 5.30 pm)

    Business Customer Complaints: [email protected]

    Further Support: 0345 555 7 100

  • What Is Ecotricity's Cancellation Policy?

    Unless you are within a Fixed Term contract with Ecotricity, you can terminate your contract at any time by giving them no less than 28 days written notice, provided that you have paid all outstanding sums and your supply is switched on the final day of the notice period or is disconnected.

    Full details of their business account cancellation policy can be found on their website.

  • What Is Ecotricity's Fuel Mix?

    Ecotricity used 100% renewable fuel on electricity in 2021/2022. The renewables mix included offshore wind, onshore wind, solar, hydro and crop-fed AD.

  • How Are Ecotricity Prices Regulated?

    Ecotricity’s pricing is all set by the company. In 2019 was granted exemption from Ofgems price cap following a review, ending in an enduring derogation for renewable Standard Variable Tariffs.

  • What Are Ecotricity Electricity Prices By Region?


    Standard Unit Rate ( p per kWh)

    Standing Charge (p per day)




    East Midlands






    Merseyside & North Wales









    North West



    North Scotland



    Southern Scotland



    South East






    South Wales



    South West






Ecotricity Small Businesses Electricity Tariffs

  • 100% green energy tariff.
  • 35% of electricity comes from their own windmills.
  • One simple tariff with fixed pricing and no contract renewals.
  • An expert team of business account managers to answer your questions and all queries
  • Prices from 14.15 p/kwh + 18.90 p/day standing charge.

Ecotricity Small Businesses Green Gas Tariffs

  • Green Gas created from grass
  • 5% of gas supplied is green
  • Prices from 3.95 p/kwh + 24.15 p/day standing charge

Ecotricity Large Business Energy Tariffs

  • 100% green tariff
  • Fixed pricing for large energy use
  • A dedicated account manager

All SME business customers are on the same tariff, starting with the latest lowest prices. Larger businesses that use more than 1GWh of energy per year can choose the best pricing option for the business:

  • Green business tariff
  • Fixed Pricing for larger energy use
  • Half-hourly metering for accurate billing and in-depth data on energy use

Types of contracts available: 

  • Fixed term – fix your tariff for up to 36 months
  • Flexible tariffs – choose a flexible tariff that lasts for 28 days at a time
  • Common end date – arrange for all of your contracts to end on the same date
  • Collective billing – all accounts billed in one simple invoice 

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