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Sunshine Duration - The Sunniest Cities in the UK and Europe

The UK will probably never be in the running for the title of ‘sunniest place in Europe’, but anyone with solar panels could be curious how they can get the most bang for their buck, since generating green energy can reduce your business energy bills.

So with the help of data from the Met Office, we can list the top ten towns and cities in Britain blessed with the most hours of sunshine.

Britain’s 10 Sunniest Cities

  1. Eastbourne: 8 hours of sunshine per day on average
  2. Bognor Regis: 7.7 hours
  3. Camber Sands: 7.5 hours
  4. Isle of Wight: 7.4 hours
  5. Bournemouth: 7.4 hours
  6. Salcombe: 7.4 hours
  7. Torquay: 7.4 hours
  8. Margate: 7.3 hours
  9. Brighton: 7.2 hours
  10. St. David’s: 7.2 hours

Source: Met Office

Map of the UK with colour scale of actual sunshine hours. Much of the East and South East England is orange or amber indicating more sunshine than the rest of the UK

Regardless of if you have the good fortune to live in one of these sun-drenched locations, the savings presented by solar panels anywhere in the UK often doesn't match the cost of investing in these.

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Europe’s 10 Sunniest Cities

When it comes to Europe though, the UK is left in the dark without a single entry in the continent’s top ten sunniest spots.

As you’d expect, Spain and Italy do really well; in fact, there’s only one slot that the pair don’t claim in the rundown of Europe’s sunniest cities.

  1. Alicante, Spain: 349 hours of sunshine per month on average
  2. Catania, Italy: 347
  3. Murcia, Spain: 346
  4. Malaga, Spain: 345
  5. Messina, Italy: 345
  6. Valencia, Spain: 343
  7. Nice, France: 342
  8. Las Palmas, Spain: 341
  9. Granada, Spain: 341
  10. Palermo, Italy: 340

Sources: World Weather Online, Holidu, - Based on data between 2009-2021.

Where in Europe Gets the Least Amount of Sunshine?

Naturally, the next question is ‘which European cities enjoy the least amount of sunshine?’ – and this is where the UK – ahem – shines, making up almost half of the bottom ten.

  1. Hamburg, Germany: 1,557 hours of sunshine per year on average
  2. Brussels, Belgium: 1,546
  3. Vaduz, Liechtenstein: 1,517
  4. Cologne, Germany: 1,504
  5. Dublin, Ireland: 1,424
  6. Manchester, UK: 1,416
  7. London, UK: 1,410
  8. Birmingham: UK: 1,364
  9. Reykjavík, Iceland: 1,268
  10. Glasgow, UK: 1,203


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