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Profile Classes
01-08 & 00 Explained

When shopping for business electricity, you’ll often see references to profile classes. But what is a profile class and how do you know which class your business falls into?

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What Are Electricity Profile Classes?

Your electricity profile class is based on your business’s electricity consumption pattern and load profile. How much energy you use and when you use it will determine which class your business is placed in.

In the UK there are currently 9 classes 01-08 and 00. Here's what each of them means:

Business Meters

Maximum Demand (MD) customers

Businesses with profiles 05-08 are referred to as Maximum Demand (MD) customers. If your business falls into this category, your meter will have the ability to measure peak demand for a given period.

The key metric is Peak Load Factor (LF), which is defined as the percentage of consumption (in kWh) during a given period relative to the number of kWh that would have been supplied had the maximum demand been maintained throughout that period.

As a result of P272, all new and renewing electricity contracts with businesses in profiles 05-08, will have to switch to half hourly metering. You can learn more about P272 here.

Profile Class 05

Non-Domestic Maximum Demand (MD) Customers with a Peak Load Factor (LF) of less than 20%

Profile Class 06

Non-Domestic Maximum Demand Customers with a Peak Load Factor between 20% and 30%

Profile Class 07

Non-Domestic Maximum Demand Customers with a Peak Load Factor between 30% and 40%

Profile Class 08

Non-Domestic Maximum Demand Customers with a Peak Load Factor over 40%

Profile Class 00: Peak load usage of electricity above 100 kW

Businesses that are the very largest electricity users. If your business falls into this category, you’ll have to get Half Hourly Electricity Metering.

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Small & Micro Businesses

Profile Class 03: Non-Domestic Unrestricted Customers

Non electricity intensive, small and micro-businesses will generally fall under this category.

Profile Class 04: Non-Domestic Economy 7 Customers

Small & micro-businesses with an Economy 7 meter.

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Domestic Meters

Profile Class 01: Domestic Unrestricted Customers

Most home consumers fall into this category. If you run a home based business you generally don’t need to buy a business electricity plan (although it may save you money).

Profile Class 02: Domestic Economy 7 Customers

Home consumers with Economy 7 meters.

Business Electricity Profile Class FAQs

  • How do I know which profile class my business falls under?

    It’s very easy to find out out what your profile class is. All you have to do is look at the first two digits of your Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN). As this corresponds to your profile class.

    MPAN Format

  • What if I want to change my profile class?

    If you think your business has been placed in the wrong profile class, the only way to change it is to get in contact with your energy company.

    For more on how profile classes are determined please read Exelon’s very detailed Load Profiles and their use in Electricity Settlement.

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