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Data Processing Policy For British Business Energy

This Data Processing Policy explains in plain English how processes data so you can make an informed choice about whether or not you’d like to use our services. We’ve created it as a response to GDPR and serves as an addition to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. is a free to use website and there is no obligation to register and/or enter any personal details to use it. It is intended for a UK business audience, but all information is offered free of charge for anyone to access.

However, we do actively and passively collect and process data, which we feel you should be aware of. All website pages and data are sent using secure SSL technology.

All our data processing activities are done on a legitimate interest basis for the following reason:

  • We only use the data we process for its intended purpose and not for other marketing activities.
  • We primarily process information about UK businesses not individuals.
  • The only data we actively collect is required to help fulfil users requests (more below) processes several types of data for several different purposes, using several third-party partners and platforms.

Active Data Processing Activities

Our primary data processing activity is helping businesses compare business electricity and/or gas prices via a free, no obligation quote service. It is intended to be used only by businesses that are already trading and/or about to imminently start trading and not by individuals.

Please also be aware, does not provide quotes itself but has instead partnered with Utility Bidder or Love Energy Savings Limited to provide the quotes. They in turn work directly with some the UK’s largest energy companies.

Therefore, we act as both a data controller (since we send them data) and data processor (since they inform use what data they need and decide how to process it). All data we collect on their behalf is required to help filter suppliers that may be right for you. If you would prefer not share certain information, you are free to do so and can still find generic pricing information for electricity here and gas here.

Here is the data that is collected, and the reason for collecting it:

  • What would you like a quote for? – This is asked to help filter potential suppliers. Some suppliers only supply gas and/or electricity whereas others can supply both.
  • Who is your current supplier? – This is asked to help filter potential suppliers and helps prevent getting duplicate quotes.
  • When would you like your contract to start? – This is asked to help filter potential suppliers. Generally speaking most suppliers prefer to work with businesses who are in their renewal window.
  • Company Postcode: This is asked to help filter potential suppliers. Not all suppliers are willing or able to supply businesses in all regions of the UK.
  • Business Email Address: This is asked so potential suppliers can get in contact with you to send you quotes. We urge users to use a business rather than personal Email address.
  • Your Business Name: This is required to make sure you own and/or work for a registered UK business and are not an individual.
  • Your Name: This is required so potential suppliers know whom to address. You are not required to enter a full name at this stage, (first and/or last name is fine).
  • Business Phone Number: This is required to verify your identity and for potential suppliers to get in contact with you. We urge users to enter a business rather than personal telephone number.

Once all the data is entered and you submit the form the following actions will occur:

  • You will be redirected to our thank you page which will give you information about next steps and also offer some additional information about additional products your small business may need.
  • The form data is then sent via a secure SSL webhook to, which helps us to process the data via what they call a Zap.
  • Once the data is received by, the Zap sends all the data collected to either Utility Bidder or Love Energy Savings Limited via a secure SSL webhook. They will then use this data to contact you via e-mail and/or phone about your request and see if you’d like to proceed with getting quotes from leading UK Energy companies. You are under no obligation to purchase anything and may inform them you would not like to proceed.
  • After the data is sent, the Zap will send the e-mail address entered in the form to Mailchimp via a Zapier integration. This will then trigger an automatic confirmation e-mail that contains the same information as found on the thank you page. It will then send annual reminders about checking prices again. You can easily unsubscribe from all e-mails by clicking on the unsubscribe link in either the top or bottom of each e-mail, which will cancel all future e-mails.
  • At this stage the Zap is complete and Zapier will automatically delete all data within 90 days. This gives us time to help sort our any issues, but means data is not stored longer than necessary.
  • We will retain your business e-mail address (and nothing else) until you unsubscribe from Mailchimp.
  • Utility Bidder and Love Energy Savings will retain information for as long as their internal policies warrant. If you have any concerns about the data they may hold, please get in contact with us and we will do our best to help.

Passive Data Processing Activities

We use the following third-party tools to help us run a usable website. They do not share any personal information about you with us, but they may still collect information about you and your computer that may be considered personal information.

Below we outline what we use each of them for and where you can find out more about how they may collect and use personal data:

Google Analytics: We use this to track how people use our website in aggregate. We do not use it collect track individual users. Here are the key settings we are currently using:

  • Remarketing: OFF
  • Advertising Reporting Features: OFF
  • User and event data retention: Set to expire after 14 months (shortest option offered)
  • Reset on new activity: ON
  • User-ID: OFF
  • Accepted GDPR Data Processing Amendment

Google currently offers an Analytics opt-out here or you can use a third-party tool such as Ghostery.

Facebook Impressions and Connect: These are used to help make it easier to share content from our website and blog on Facebook. We do not use them for any remarketing or retargeting. See Facebook’s Data Page for more on how they use your data.

ShareThis: We use this to help make it easier to share our website content across social media channels. You can opt out of data collection on their privacy page here.

External / Affiliate Links: We sometimes track external links either via Google Analytics and/or third-party affiliate tracking platforms. Any sort of tracking only occurs if you click on an external link. At the bottom of every page where this occurs we disclose which links are affiliate links, but if you’re concerned about this, the simplest option is to not click on external links from our website.

Web Hosting: We use StudioPress Sites to host our website. Like most web hosting companies they maintain website logs, although we do not have direct access to them. You can learn more about the data they may have on their privacy policy.