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About Us

British Business Energy was built to solve two issues with the business energy sector in the UK.

  1. Help businesses like yours substantially reduce their energy costs.
  2. Provide clear and easy to understand information about the UK business energy market.

Each year British businesses waste millions of pounds by not getting the best business energy tariffs. While there are many reasons why businesses don’t make the switch, it often boils down to lack of information and lack of an easy way to compare and switch suppliers.

That’s why we try to provide clear and unbiased information about the UK energy market.

For example, we have simple tables where you can compare business electricity prices and/or compare business gas prices.

You can also find lists of business electricity and gas suppliers and business energy brokers.

We also cover more niche topics such as half hourly electricity metering, P272 and electricity profile classes, just to name a few.

Our sitemap can be found here.

Finally, you can use the form at the top of any page to get a quick and easy price comparison quote for electricity, gas or dual fuel contracts.

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