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Your Guide to Business Energy Audits

No business would turn down the chance to lower its gas and electricity bills. Even you’re on the best business gas and electricity tariff, there could still be savings available by using energy more efficiently.

However, many businesses are unaware that their energy bills are costing more than they should. By carrying out a business energy audit, you can get a clear picture of how you use energy and where you can make savings.

What Is a Business Energy Audit?

A business energy audit offers an analysis of your energy efficiency and businesses energy needs. Your audit will assess everything that can affect your energy usage and efficiency.

This provides you with a clear understanding of your current usage and where you can reduce your consumption. Everything from the structure of your building to the equipment you use will be analysed during a thorough business energy audit.

Why Should Your Business Conduct an Energy Audit?

If your commercial enterprise employs more than 250 people, carrying out a business energy audit is a legal requirement.

Even if your business is not legally required to carry out an audit, it can provide real benefits for your energy usage and costs. Research has found that businesses across just 5 UK cities were wasting £60m on their energy bills. Poor energy efficiency and practices can have a real impact on the bottom line of your business.

By carrying out a business energy audit, you can identify these areas of waste. Addressing these issues can also offer great environmental benefits.

How Does a Business Energy Audit Work?

There are three main ways to carry out your business energy audit. You can carry invite an external auditor to carry out an on-site audit, complete your audit over the phone, or carry out a DIY audit.

However, businesses with more than 250 employees will be required to carry out an external audit.

On-Site Business Energy Audits

With an on-site business energy audit, an energy auditor will provide your business with a full consultation and highlight where you can make energy savings.

Your expert auditor will visit your premises for a day to assess your energy usage, building, and equipment. Once they have completed the assessment, they will provide you with an action plan highlighting how you can reduce your business energy usage.

In most cases, this plan will include the cost of any changes and their likely impact on your energy bills.

Over The Phone Business Energy Audits

An over the phone energy audit can be a cheaper alternative for those who prefer an external audit. An energy auditor will ask a series of questions about your energy usage and use this information to provide a plan on where you can improve your energy efficiency.

Some energy suppliers will offer a free phone consultation for new customers when they switch business energy supplier.

DIY Business Energy Audits

If you don’t want to commit to a full external business energy audit, you can complete the process yourself.

A DIY audit will usually include taking a quick tour of your premises checking for any air leaks around doorways, windows, or insulation. You should check the light bulbs used at your premises as installing energy-efficient lighting can be a quick way to reduce business electricity prices. Take a look at your appliances to check their energy rating and when they were installed.

You should make a note of any issue you find to allow you to prioritise which tasks need to be tackled first. Although some issues may be costly to fix, you will often find ‘quick wins’ which will reduce your energy consumption. This could be something as simple as turning lights and equipment off when not in use.

Should You Switch Business Energy Supplier?

Carrying out an energy audit is a great way to reduce your energy bills. However, if you’re overpaying for the business gas and electricity you use, you will still be missing out on potential savings.

If it’s been a few years since you last compared energy suppliers, you’re likely to be on out of contract rates which can see your bills increase by up to 80%. Comparing the latest business energy prices is quick and easy with our simple comparison engine.

By providing a few details about your business energy usage, you can compare prices from a huge range of trusted energy suppliers.

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