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Understanding Business Water Bills

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Understanding business water bills is a great place to start when reviewing ways to save money on water and wastewater services. 

We've put together this guide to help you understand another aspect of the water market and what information you need on your water bill to save money. 

How Your Business Water Bill Is Calculated 

Business water bills are made of two different charges. These are split into water and wastewater services. 

  • Business Water Usage - self-explanatory, this is the amount of water your business uses in the billing period. This can be determined through meter readings or an estimate if you do not have a water meter installed. Estimated water usage is calculated based on the value of your business premises and similar buildings in your area. 
  • Wastewater Services - this is a charge for the removal of used water from the premises. This flows into the sewer system and will usually be calculated based on the amount of business water used. 

When switching water suppliers, you can compare water and sewerage charges for both fixed and volumetric charges. 

What Charges Are Included In My Business Water Bills? 

Business water suppliers will include several charges in your water bills. It is important to understand what these charges are and to identify any mistakes. 

Wastewater services

  • Fixed Water Charge - sometimes known as a standing charge, this covers the business water suppliers’ costs of maintaining the pipework that connects your premises to sewerage services. This charge is calculated based on the size of the pipework. 
  • Volume Charge - business water suppliers will charge you based on the amount of water returned to the sewerage system. Most business water suppliers will assume that all water that goes into the premises will come out via the sewer. 

Water services 

  • Fixed Charge - all business water suppliers will charge a fee for the maintenance of your water meter and meter readings. 
  • Volume Charge - this charge is simply down to how much water your business uses. The charge will be displayed per cubic meter. 

What Else Is Included In My Business Water Bills? 

Business water suppliers will usually include the following information in your bill: 

  • Your business information 
  • Customer reference number 
  • Supply point ID (this details where your water access point it)
  • Charge Summary 
  • Business water bill breakdown 

Can I Change Business Water Suppliers? 

Yes. UK businesses can switch water suppliers if they are based in England and Scotland. There are some tighter restrictions for Welsh businesses. 

If you have never looked at your business water supply before and are considering switching water suppliers, you can save up to £450 on your annual water and wastewater services. 

We have spent years building strong commercial partnerships with Everflow, one of the UK’s best-rated business water retailers. Switching water suppliers can save money when all other commercial costs are rising. 

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