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Shell Energy Business Electricity & Gas: Tariffs & Reviews

Despite the famous name, Shell Energy is one of the newest energy suppliers in the UK. Shell Energy is the rebranded name of First Utility after the famous energy company bought out the supplier in 2018. 

Shell Energy is one of the larger independent energy suppliers in the UK. They service more than 850,000 customers with both gas and electricity. Shell promises that they use 100% renewable energy sources.

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A Guide To Shell Energy

Shell Energy is the trading name of the Shell Oil and Gas Corporation. They entered the UK energy market in 2018. Shell Energy offer both business and domestic customers both electricity and gas.

Shell Energy focuses on two areas of business:

1.’New Fuels’ for transport. This includes both biofuels and hydrogen fuels.

2. Electricity generation and supply of both business and domestic energy.

Not only do they supply 100% renewable electricity, but they also provide smart home technology so you can control things like your heating and electric vehicle charging, and offer good value broadband services.

Shell Energy Reviews

Shell Energy for Business Customers has an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot, based on around 86 reviews. 81% of those are 5-star reviews, while the other four ratings are split between 2% and 9%, averaging an excellent overall experience. Most comments from customers state how they received great customer service after experiencing issues and how they resolved any problems over the phone. The negative comments mainly centre around poor communication from company updates.

Shell Energy Prices & Tariffs

There are three main types of contracts available for Businesses from Shell Energy. They are dependent on the size of your business. Shell Energy also take into account what your business does – some businesses use more energy than others. 

For smaller businesses, Shell offers the ‘Fixed All-Inclusive SME Plan’. This focuses on businesses that use less than £50,000 worth of energy a year.

For medium-sized businesses, Shell offers the ‘Fixed All-Inclusive Contract’. This is aimed at businesses that focus on budget certainty. 

For larger businesses, Shell offers the ‘Pass-Through Contract’. This focuses on where the cost of your energy comes from.

Shell Energy are flexible about the types of meter that your business uses. They offer support for both standard meters and offer installation of smart meters. Businesses that use them, also work with pre-payed and multi-site / rate meters.

Switching to Shell Energy is easy with British Business Energy. We take care of the process for you. Simply let us know what you need your business energy to do, and we will take care of the switch and find the best deal for you.

Since 1st April 2023, when the government Department for Energy Security and Net Zero announced the Energy Bills Discount Scheme for business energy customers in the UK, Shell Energy will enforce a maximum discount for electricity at 1.961p/kWh, with a price threshold of 30.2p/kWh. For gas, the maximum discount is 0.697p/kWh, with a price threshold of 10.7p/kWh. This will run until 1st April 2024. 

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About Shell Energy


  • Who Owns Shell Energy?

    Shell Energy is a subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell. This is a British-Dutch multinational oil and gas company. Shell, as they are commonly known, are registered in the UK, and based in the Netherlands. Shell is the largest company in Europe and the fifth-largest in the world.

  • Where Is The Shell Energy Head Office?

    There are several ways to contact Shell Energy. There are multiple departments and contact addresses available, though they are not always easy to find.

    You can contact Shell via the Telephone on: 03300945800.

    You can write to Shell at Westwood Business Park, Shell Energy House, Westwood Way, Coventry CV4 8HS.

    You can fill out a contact form on Shell’s website at:

    When you switch with British Business Energy, you don’t need to do any of this contacting yourself. We take care of contacting Shell Energy, so you can focus on running your business.

  • What Is Shell Energy's Fuel Mix?

    100% of Shell Energy’s fuel comes from renewable sources. All of their tariffs are based on this renewable source of energy.

  • What awards have Shell Energy won?

    Shell Energy received a score of 3.5 out of 5 from Uswitch customers in 2021. This score came from more than 17,000 reviewers.

    Gold in European Contact Centre & Customer Service Awards – Best Large Customer Service Team

  • What Is Shell Energy's Cancellation Policy?

    If you are on a Variable Tariff, you will not be charged an exit fee.

    If you are on a Fixed Tariff, you will be charged an exit fee, if you switch with more than 49 days until your tariff is due to end. This fee can be between £30 and £75.

  • How are Shell Energy's prices regulated?

    The maximum energy prices that suppliers can charge are set by the energy regulator, Ofgem. Most energy suppliers charge around as much as they are allowed to. In 2021, the price cap was raised. This means that most energy suppliers have raised their prices correspondingly. 

  • What are Shell Energy's region price variations?

    Different regions receive different average prices for their energy. This is because different regions produce more or less energy. A region that produces less energy will pay more for their energy than a region that produces more energy.

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