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Commercial water consumers have had to handle massive changes in the last five years. Ofwat (the economic regulator of the water sector) deregulated non-domestic water in 2017. Now, non-domestic consumers can pick a supplier from a big pool of options. 

Suppliers like Yorkshire Water compete for customers in an increasingly saturated market. With so many business water suppliers, customers have no idea whether they should stick with their current supplier or seek a new opportunity. 

So, what can Yorkshire Water business water customers expect? 

What Do I Need to Know About Yorkshire Water?

Yorkshire Water became active in 1973. Approximately five million households and 140,000 non-domestic premises depend on Yorkshire Water for fresh water. This commercial water supplier covers West Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, the East Riding of Yorkshire, part of North Lincolnshire, most of North Yorkshire, and part of Derbyshire in England. 

If you are searching for a supplier that focuses on charitable causes, look no further. WaterAid is just one of the charities that benefit from Yorkshire Water. In the last few years, Yorkshire Water has run projects and hosted events that have raised more than £1 million. This money has allowed WaterAid to introduce clean water infrastructure to parts of Ethiopia. Even better, Yorkshire Water hopes to help WaterAid deliver hygiene knowledge, toilets, and water to ‘everyone, everywhere.’

Yorkshire Water business water customers play a vital role in future plans. Like other suppliers, Yorkshire Water created a business plan that spans from 2020 to 2025. The plan was an accumulation of feedback from over 30,000 domestic and non-domestic customers and Yorkshire Forum for Water discussions. 

This supplier covers all bases. It has also written a drainage and wastewater management plan, which seeks to combat emergency issues. The three most important issues are population growth, the climate crisis, and the destruction of natural habitats. Yorkshire Water has pledged millions of pounds to fight these problems.  

Yorkshire Water Business Water Services

When the water market was deregulated, two groups formed. Water wholesalers source, maintain, and supply water in their areas. They are also responsible for creating and maintaining water infrastructure. Water retailers (also known as suppliers) buy fresh water from wholesalers and sell it to customers. 

Yorkshire Water is a water wholesaler. Commercial water customers will go through Business Stream, a water retailer. When it comes to customer support, billing, and leaks, you will always speak to Business Stream. Domestic customers can speak to Yorkshire Water directly. 

For more information about Yorkshire Water’s business water services, go on Business Stream’s website. To learn more about typical issues and to find out how to switch, visit the business customer hub. 

Yorkshire Water Business Water Customer Reviews

You should always read reviews from existing customers before you make the switch. Review sites like Trustpilot have given customers the ability to share positive and negative experiences. If dozens of reviews highlight negative experiences around an issue that is important to you (such as billing errors and repair times) you can avoid the supplier. 

Unfortunately, not all of Yorkshire Water’s business water customers are satisfied. This supplier has 2.1/5 stars on Trustpilot and an overall rating of poor. Even worse, only 31% of customers think that the services deserve 5-stars, whereas 61% of customers think that the services deserve 1-star. It seems as if customers either have an excellent or terrible experience, there is no in-between. 

5-star reviews mention friendly, polite advisors and quick response times. 1-star reviews talk about poor quality fresh water, awful water pressure, and inflated bills. Yorkshire Water does not reply to negative reviews, which is a red flag for commercial water consumers who want clear communication. 

Yorkshire Water Average Business Water Prices

Unit rates are an important consideration for business water consumers who want to make the switch. If you have been with the same supplier for years, you might be shocked to find out how much you could be saving with a different supplier. 

Yorkshire Water is one of the first choices for non-domestic consumers, but how does this supplier stack up in terms of unit rates? In 2021, Yorkshire Water charged £1.3621 per M3 of fresh water and £1.5599 per M3 of waste. Customers received a fixed charge of £40.86 for fresh water and £48.91 for waste. Small businesses paid an average of £674.17, and medium-sized businesses paid an average of £4,472.60. 

Visit our business water page to see more unit rates from different suppliers.

Why Switch Commercial Water Suppliers?

Are you thinking about switching suppliers? Thousands of business owners make the switch every year. Their reasons range from unit rates to sustainability. 

  • Sustainability - Yorkshire Water business water customers don’t have to worry about sustainability, but other consumers are frustrated when they discover that their supplier is not eco-conscious. The climate crisis is on the tip of everyone’s tongue, so it is no surprise that most businesses seek out suppliers that invest in (or even create) sustainable projects. Suppliers can also embed sustainable practices into the structure of their businesses by changing the way that they source water. This change can even protect habitats. 
  • Charity - If you want to be a conscientious consumer, you can look for a supplier that cares about charitable causes. Commercial water consumers who opt for Yorkshire Water know that part of their money is going towards water infrastructure in Ethiopia. Other suppliers might donate to a cause that is completely unrelated to water. 
  • Charges - You might have noticed that unit rates only fluctuate a little bit between suppliers. Even if the rate is only lower by a fraction of a pound, you can expect lower overall water bills. This is especially important for large factories, warehouses, and laundromats that use thousands of cubic metres of water each month. 
  • Customer support - Frustrated with your supplier’s customer support team? Some suppliers leave their customers at the mercy of representatives who have not had nearly enough training. Others (like Yorkshire Water) create reliable, friendly support teams that can solve issues around billing and leaks in a matter of minutes. When accidents happen, it pays to have a team of knowledgeable advisors at the other end of the phone. 
  • Extra services - Business water customers need a wide range of services. For some businesses, fresh water and wastewater services are sufficient. Hairdressers, car washes, and laundrettes might need trade effluent services. Drainage. tankard waste, and meter readings present another set of issues. Don’t leave these services to chance, find a supplier that caters to your needs. 

How Do I Switch Business Water Suppliers?

Did you know that switching is the simplest way to save money on your commercial water bills? Don’t let the fear of the unknown stop you from making massive savings - we’ll help you every step of the way. Our experts have created a business water comparison generator for non-domestic consumers who want to take control of their expenses. 

Choose from supply, water, audit, or all services to start the process. All you need to do is put in a few key details. Once we have your information, we will work out where you can making the biggest savings and meet your unique needs. Choose your new tariff, and we will even help you complete your switch.

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