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Thames Water is one of the most recognisable names in the water industry. It has amassed millions of non-domestic and commercial water customers over the years, and it has even survived the deregulation of the water market. Ofwat (the body that oversees the water market in the UK) deregulated non-domestic water in April 2017. Now, consumers can switch suppliers at the drop of a hat. 

Deregulation happened over five years ago, but lots of business owners in England are struggling to navigate through the new landscape. Now, wholesalers supply fresh water and handle wastewater disposal, but customers will never speak to them directly. Instead, retailers handle all customer-facing activities. Retailers buy services from wholesalers and sell them on to business water customers. 

So, what does Thames Water have to offer non-domestic customers? Are the services tailored towards specific businesses? And what do existing customers think about this supplier? Our water-industry experts have found out everything that there is to know about Thames Water. 

What Do I Need to Know About Thames Water?

Thames Water business water services have been available since 1989. Despite being one of the biggest names in the business, it is one of the youngest suppliers. It focuses on South England, where the river that it has taken its name from is based. 15 million non-domestic and domestic consumers in South England enjoy fresh, clean water and wastewater disposal services from this supplier. That’s 27% of the population of the UK! 

Sarah Bentley became the new CEO of Thames Water in 2021. Her goal was to iron out significant issues in the business that were causing customers, stakeholders, and the general public ‘frustration and disappointment.’ As part of her goal, she devised a three-part plan that can be summed up as ‘fixing the basics, raising the bar, and shaping the future.’ 

Commercial water consumers who want to invest in eco-conscious suppliers should look no further. Thames Water has committed a massive £1 billion a year to implementing a sustainable framework within their business. A few large-scale improvements are underway, with one of the most publicised improvements being the Thames Tideway Tunnel. 

The media has referred to this project as the Super Sewer. Tideway, the construction company responsible for the build, is set to complete the sewer by 2024. At this point, Thames Water will take control of the sewer. It is designed to redirect 94% of the sewerage that gets dumped into the Thames each year. 

Thames Water Business Water Services

Business water customers will be pleased to learn that they can rely on Thames Water for a comprehensive range of services. Thames Water excels in fresh water supply, wastewater management, and lots of sought-after extra services. Cafes, supermarkets, and care facilities in England all benefit from these high-quality services. 

Trade effluent is just one of the extra services available to commercial water consumers. Trade effluent is any liquid that is produced during a non-domestic process on a non-domestic property. Most businesses create some form of trade effluent, including restaurants, car washes, and hair salons. Before you release trade effluent into the sewer system, remember that you need to submit a form and ask for permission from your supplier. Thames Water business water customers can contact their supplier for support on this issue. 

Thames Water also offers its customers support with tankered non-domestic waste. This kind of waste is unique to business customers, who need to follow a set of rules and regulations when it is time for disposal. When it comes to sensitive (and potentially hazardous) waste it is useful to have a knowledgeable supplier like Thames Water.

Thames Water Business Water Customer Reviews

Now that the water market is deregulated, commercial water consumers can switch suppliers whenever they want. This has opened the floodgates for millions of existing customers to make their opinions known. Customers can leave feedback on sites like Trustpilot to either support their supplier or warn prospective customers against them. 

Thames Water business water customers leave feedback on the same site as domestic customers. Some of the 1,500+ reviews will not be relevant to your non-domestic water supply. That being said, Thames Water has 1.4/5 stars on Trustpilot and an overall rating of bad. An astonishing 7% of customers think that the services deserve 1-star, whereas 88% of customers think that the services deserve 5-stars. 

Satisfied customers claim that they have received excellent customer service, and they even name specific customer service representatives that have helped them. Unsatisfied customers claim that Thames Water has wrongfully created false accounts in their name and that the support staff are incompetent. A representative from Thames Water replies to all the reviews, which means that unsatisfied customers get extra support. 

Thames Water Average Business Water Prices

Business water consumers understand the importance of unit rates. Whether you run a small, medium, or large business, your bills hinge on the number of units of water that you consume. Even the smallest change in charges can make a big difference, which is why it is important to review rates before you commit to a supplier. 

Thames Water charges non-domestic premises that have 12/15mm pipes a fixed cost of £17.84 for highways drainage, £30.74 for surface water drainage, and £0.00 for foul drainage. For more information about rates, you can read the wholesale tariff document on the website. 

If you want to compare commercial water rates across suppliers, you should use a comparison engine. Our engine shows you all the best deals from suppliers that cater to your unique business needs. 

Visit our business water page to learn more about non-domestic charges. 

Why Switch Commercial Water Suppliers?

If your business is located in England, you can switch water suppliers at any time and for any reason. 

These are the most common reasons why non-domestic consumers switch suppliers. 

  • To have their voices heard - Thames Water business water customers benefit from a supplier that cares about their feedback. After deregulation, more and more suppliers started listening to feedback from their customers. If you choose the right supplier, your opinions can shape the future. They might even influence which projects your supplier invests in. 
  • To find lower unit rates - Of course, most commercial water consumers switch suppliers to seek out lower unit rates. This doesn’t just apply to fresh water. If your business releases enough trade effluent or needs enough surface drainage services to offset the cost of fresh water, it might be worth finding a supplier that offers the lowest rates for these specific services. 
  • To support sustainable suppliers - Sustainability is the future. Whereas most suppliers abide by eco-friendly practices, a few suppliers are still stuck in the past. If you want to invest in a supplier that reflects your values, you should shop around. Thames Water is just one of the suppliers that invest millions into protecting local habitats. 
  • To receive better customer service - There is nothing worse than poor customer service. More often than not, you will have to call customer support when emergencies happen. If a supplier has not given their representatives enough training or resources, you will soon be frustrated. The good news is that lots of commercial water suppliers have excellent customer support ratings, you just have to look for them! 
  • To find tailored support - Tailored support is essential for start-ups and large businesses that find themselves on opposite sides of the spectrum. Some suppliers provide eligible customers with dedicated account managers who can streamline billing, infrastructure maintenance, and unit rates. 

How Do I Switch Business Water Suppliers?

Did you know that switching is the simplest way to save money on your commercial water bills? Don’t let the fear of the unknown stop you from making massive savings - we’ll help you every step of the way. Our experts have created a business water comparison generator for non-domestic consumers who want to take control of their expenses. 

Choose from supply, water, audit, or all services to start the process. All you need to do is put in a few key details. Once we have your information, we will work out where you can making the biggest savings and meet your unique needs. Choose your new tariff, and we will even help you complete your switch.

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