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Getting a great deal on your business water has never been easier. When costs are increasing across the board, many SME owners are switching business water suppliers to save money on their water bill.

Finding water and wastewater services at a cheaper rate is only scratching the surface. When comparing business water suppliers it should be just as important to know that you're getting great service should anything go wrong.

In this business water guide for small businesses, we'll walk you through the business water market and how to switch to find a great deal.

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Can A Small Business Switch Water Providers?

The business water market went through deregulation in 2017. This means that companies operating in England and Scotland can compare business water rates and switch to more tailored services.

Any business premises that is used solely for commercial purposes can switch water providers. Unfortunately, if your business address is in Wales, you are not able to switch yet unless consumption is above 5,000m3 of water annually.

Can Switching Save Me Money On My Business Water Bills?

On average, our business customers save 12% on their annual business water bill. However, there are lots more benefits to switching business water providers including fixing your water bill for more predictable direct debit outgoings, the ability to link multiple business premises together onto one bill and working with a supplier that has a positive customer experience.

What Happens After You Have Switched Business Water Suppliers?

Switching water suppliers is similar to the energy-switching process. You'll receive the relevant documentation from your new business water supplier and you will then receive your final bill from your old supplier.

If you switch water provider with British Business Energy, we'll get back in touch with you when your fixed deal is coming to an end. Our popular renewal services mean that small businesses can continue to do what they do best whilst we ensure they never overpay for their water and wastewater services again.

How To Reduce Water Consumption

The huge savings on business water bills come when you can reduce consumption. Becoming more efficient alongside switching your water supplier will help you maximise the amount of money saved. 

Here are some ways to improve water efficiency for your small business:

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Business Water Audit

A simple water audit can help you identify any wastage of water that could be adding up on your bills every month. You can conduct your own business water audit or get in a professional who will leave you with a comprehensive report.

For a simple water-saving audit, you should walk around the business premises with a notepad and pay particular attention to:

  • Any leaks (look for discolouration on walls & ceilings)
  • Dripping taps
  • Inspect pipes and bathroom furniture
  • Could you install any water-saving devices?

A simple walk around could help you detect any issues that could be slowly adding up on your water bill.

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Smart Water Meter

If you don’t have a water meter installed, you may want to apply for one from your commercial water supplier. A water meter will ensure that you are only charged for the water you use, rather than an estimated amount.

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Improved Employee Awareness

Ensuring your team is aware of your efforts to save money on your bills can go a long way to reducing your business water waste. Simply displaying signs to ensure that taps are fully turned off whilst not in use with other reminders can make a difference.

What If I Run A Small Business From Home?

You cannot sign up with a business water supplier if you operate your business from home. Your water supply will be a part of the regulated household market which has not been deregulated.

Who Are The Main Business Water Suppliers/ Retailers?

There is a fairly large number of business water providers and retailers on the market that companies can switch to. As the switching market matures, more water services will become available on the market.

How Does The Water And Wastewater Market Work?

This is where things can get confusing. There are several factors that play their part in the business water market.

What Does A Water Retailer Do?

Water retailers connect the customer with the wholesalers offering waster services including meter reading, billing, payments, customer support and water efficiency help. These play a similar role to your typical energy supplier as an easy comparison.

What Does A Water Wholesaler Do?

Water wholesalers manage the water supply at the source. This includes the overall supply and treatment of the water. Any issues with the network or pipes and emergencies will be handled by the wholesaler.

The wholesaler and retailer work together to provide reliable water services to the non-domestic water market.

Should I Switch To A New Business Water Supplier?

Many companies have never switched water supplier before. This is common as the switching market is still considered a new concept. Switching to a retail water services provider will likely help you save money. This is especially welcome with prices increasing everywhere else.

When business customers switch with us, we can lock in prices for up to 3-years. This creates predictable cash flow and allows you to focus on what really matters, your customers.

Our water market experts will help you switch to a water provider you can rely on. You can switch completely online at a time that fits into your busy schedule or talk to an expert. We'll only ask you a few questions about your business and your water usage before offering water services at a great price.

If you decide to switch water supplier, we'll keep you up to date with the switch every step of the way. We will also get in touch with both your existing and new business water supplier with all the details to ensure there's a smooth transition.

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